Technical requirements

Technical Requirements for Presentations

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“Poverty and Prayer” is an AUDIO/VISUAL presentation, so it is vital that the film clips Gerry shows be seen and heard well. The following are items that need to be in place and to have been tested before the presentation:

1. DVD player with REMOTE*
2. LCD PROJECTOR for the DVD player
3. WHITE SCREEN high enough and large enough for all to see
4. SOUND system (both for Gerry and DVD player)**
5. MICROPHONE (for speaking segments of the presentation)
6. TECHNICAL ASSISTANT who can work the DVD and sound***
7. DARK ROOM (dark enough for viewing films, especially if the event is during the day)****
8. STAND for Gerry’s notes.
9. TABLE to lay out Pax et Bonum materials

*Dozens of scenes from all the films are one DVD. During the presentation, Gerry needs to skip through the DVD to the scenes he wishes to show. Doing so on a computer is cumbersome and never works well; which is why a DVD player is essential. Moreover, computers tend to lag during longer scenes. If no computer is available, then it is essential that someone be present to operate the computer. But computers are ALWAYS the last resort.

**If possible, the audio should be fed into the house audio system; if that is not possible, then a pair of large external speakers should be hooked up to the DVD player.

***It is always helpful if a volunteer could be positioned at the DVD player to cue up the next scene to be shown during the presentation. This makes the presentation go more smoothly and eliminates any opportunities for the audience to become disconnected during delays in cueing up the next scene. Also, when footage is available from a new film which has yet to be manufactured, it will be necessary to change DVD’s during the program, and a volunteer would be very helpful. With ten minutes of rehearsal before the screening, the volunteer will be fully prepared to assist Gerry.

****If the room has windows without curtains, and it is a daytime screening, the windows must be covered in such a way as to prevent daylight from flooding the room.

Because this presentation is so dependent upon visual and audio technology, it is always wise to have Gerry arrive at the venue one hour before the presentation to do a thorough technical check with enough time to correct any unforeseen problems.

Gerry’s presentations are powerful and meaningful, but they depend on a quality showing of the films. If the audience cannot see or hear the presentation then the effectiveness of the event will be greatly reduced.

Thank you!