“Poverty and Prayer” Presentations

Making films for individuals and organizations dedicated to helping the poor is only part of what Pax et Bonum Communications does. An equally essential part of our ministry to the marginalized is creating an awareness of the cruel plight of the chronically impoverished while also connecting their struggles with our faith which compels us to relieve the suffering of unjust poverty, and we do this through presentations at churches and schools across the United States…as well as in Canada and Europe. During the past 10 years, Gerry Straub, Pax et Bonum Communications’ founder and president, has given over 190 presentations. Titled “Poverty & Prayer,” the presentation incorporates Gerry’s compelling conversion story as well as clips from his some of his 18 heart-wrenching documentary films on global and domestic poverty, inspiring his audience to take purposeful action. High school presentations run 90 minutes and the adult version runs a full two hours. The following is a list of churches, high schools and universities where Gerry has given his presentation, which will be followed by endorsements from people who have attended the presentation and have been profoundly moved by the experience. Also included is a list of press coverage of our ministry and awards given to Gerry Straub.