Boston Globe Article

In September the Boston Globe launched a new website called Crux, whose goal was “covering all things Catholic.” Crux strives to cover the worldwide institution of the Roman Catholic Church, from the papacy to the hierarchy to local dioceses. They explore the theology, doctrine, liturgy, practices, and traditions of Catholicism in the context of the life of modern-day Catholics, giving full voice to disagreements and challenges facing the Church and Catholics. They examine Catholicism in the context of other religious traditions. They also will explore the personal faith and spirituality of Catholics and what it means to live a Catholic life.

The driving force behind Crux is John L. Allen, Jr., the highly respected former Vatican correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter. Allen, who is the co-editor of Crux, is also a popular author and speaker.

Just before the website was launched, a reporter from Crux came to California from Boston to interview me. He spent about three hours in my home. There were at least a half-dozen follow-up phone interviews and numerous e-mails. It is his hope that the story that was just published in Crux will also be picked up by the Boston Globe.

Here is a link to the Crux story:

The story contains some minor inaccuracies and some exaggerations, but it is basically OK. However, the first version of the story published on the website called my new ministry “Mud Pies & Kites” instead of Pax et Bonum Communications. Of course, Mud Pies & Kites, was our first film, which was set in Haiti. I pointed this out to the reporter and he promised to publish an updated version of the story, which he did. Regrettably, the article mentions my first book on St. Francis (The Sun & Moon Over Assisi) which is out of print, but not the new Francis book (The Loneliness and Longing of Saint Francis). However, I am happy the story quotes a short passage from and older book that I love very much, Thoughts of a Blind Beggar.

The most unfortunate thing about the initial version of the article is that it had a link to the San Damiano Foundation website, and there was no link to the PetB website. Of course, SDF is now defunct, and all the films I made while at SDF are now available from PetB. Regrettably all those who read the initial posting of the article will never see anything about Pax et Bonum Communications, and will instead be directed to a defunct website. I also pointed this out to the reporter. He said it was a formatting error and he was attempting to fix it. He offered his sincere apologies. He later said the entire paragraph has been mysteriously dropped by WordPress. Within 45 minutes of my altering the reporter to the problems, he fixed them and posted an updated version of the story. The above link will take you to the revised posting.

We have a critical need to draw people to our dynamic new website…in order to attract new donors. Our survival hinges on it. I hope this article helps.