Thoughts of a Blind Beggar

Thoughts of a Blind Beggar
Reflections from a Journey to God
by Gerard Thomas Straub

blind-beggar“We are all blind beggars reaching out with empty hands to a God who seems beyond our reach, far beyond our ability to comprehend.”

In these brief, poetic meditations, Gerard Thomas Straub probes the depths of his soul and the heart of humanity on a search for God. Thoughts of a Blind Beggar grew out of his own improbable journey, inspired by the example of St. Francis, which led from the glamour of Hollywood to the worst slums on earth. It was a journey from riches to rags, from unbelief to faith, from hollow success to a more profound happiness than he had previously imagined. But it also inspired a new calling, to awaken others to the reality of poverty, and to inspire compassion and solidarity. In this book, Gerry Straub graciously shares his reflections on a journey to God…a journey, he readily admits, that is far from over. Thoughts of a Blind Beggar opens our eyes and hearts to the love of God. It is a book to be savored, a companion for our own journey.

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“Gerry Straub underwent a spectacular conversion, from success as an atheistic Hollywood TV producer into the downwardly mobile world of St. Francis and Christian discipleship. Now a groundbreaking documentary filmmaker on behalf of the world’s poorest, Straub shares with us the contemplative side of that Gospel journey. Like the writings of Thomas Merton, Carlo Carretto, and Henri Nouwen, Thoughts of a Blind Beggar needs to be kept close by for early morning or late night meditation. It stirs up new insights into our own poverty, our own need for prayer, vision, and God’s healing touch, and pushes us forward on our own journey to God.”
-John Dear, SJ
Author of Living Peace, Transfiguration and The Questions of Jesus

“Gerard Straub’s transparency will bring our affluent and insulated hearts to their knees. Thoughts of a Blind Beggar provokes prayer and instigates action to repair our world’s brokenness. A profoundly simple but dangerously honest book destined to change lives.”
-Jonathan Montaldo
The Merton Institute for Contemplative Living