Hidden in the Rubble

Hidden in the Rubble
A Haitian Pilgrimage to Compassion and Resurrection
by Gerard Thomas Straub


Hidden in the Rubble: A Haitian Pilgrimage to Compassion and Resurrection originated in the 2010 Haiti Earthquake which devastated Port-au-Prince. Mr. Straub was in Port-au-Prince just weeks before the earthquake, and returned just days after the earthquake. The experience had a profound and lasting impact on his life. During Holy Week of 2010, Mr. Straub returned to Haiti for a third time in order to try to better understand widespread death and the massive destruction in the context of the death and resurrection of Christ, and that week became, for him, the heart and soul of the book.

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“Gerry Straub is a story-teller with a camera. In an era when news has become so atomized and fast-paced it is almost impossible to get a sense of the whole, Straub engages two great risks. He takes us to see what much of the world would rather ignore, and he does it slowly and reflectively. The risks pay off here in a kind of meditation on Haiti that is simultaneously brutally frank and filled with the hope of religious imagination.”
– Tom Roberts
National Catholic Reporter

“Gerard Straub’s harrowing account of his voluntary descent into the agony of Haiti’s suffering – his choosing to become lost with the lost – disallows his reader to remain comfortable on the sidelines. While this book details the courage of the many who are coming to Haiti’s aid, Straub’s personal discovery of the miracle hidden under an earthquake’s rubble – the compassion for one another in extremis by Haitian’s themselves – is the true spiritual epiphany arising out of this book’s careful rendering of an unimaginable tragedy for our time and our world.”
-Jonathan Montaldo
Author of Bridges to Contemplative Living with Thomas Merton