Endless Exodus

Endless Exodus
A film by Gerard Straub
Running Time: 130 Min. © 2004 The San Damiano Foundation

sdf_ee2Endless Exodus is a film about migrants from Mexico and Central America who cross the border and into the United States without any documentation. The film’s focus is not political or social, but rather spiritual. The face and presence of Christ is evident in the faces of the migrants, many of whom will die trying to cross the desert to a “better” life. The film is not just a film about empathizing with migrants who only want to survive; it parallels our own spiritual journey through our own desert of doubts and confusions, as the migrants teach us about sacrifice, fearlessness, dedication, and faith in the face of grave circumstances.

“Endless Exodus is a remarkable piece of work. It gets under your skin…and doesn’t easily get out.”
Joe Ferullo, CBS Paramount Television

“As sad as the visuals are, the beauty that shines through the film is unforgettable.”
Jay Ostrowski, Film Director